Hope you are doing well by the grace of god during the covid-19 pandemic. It's pleasure to see your achievements as your friend from Bsc nursing till now. I have seen you as a Niti aayoga assessor at State And Central levels. I admire your intelligence, smartness, good communication, and leadership skills. Passionate to enrich your knowledge in clinical research, nursing, and helping the people in need. More than anything, you are a good human being. All the best for your coordination with the Jyothirgamayee foundation. Definitely, you will enlighten the life of underprivileged and special children.

Hemavathi.C Nursing Tutor/Paramedical coordinator, K.C.General Hospital, Malleswaram, Bangaloe

As an ardent listener of Radio for more than 05 decades, I have found some special qualities in a few radio announcers. Particularly in your announcements, I have found the following; you have worked in this field for almost a decade and the moment you sit on the console and start the program, your interaction with the listeners gives them a soothing effect. 2. Your presentation and the way you take on with the subject make the listeners get along with the show without a break with utmost attention, like reading an interesting novel and any interruption in between will be felt as an impediment. 3. You have been blessed with the art of narration in such a way, that it makes the listeners keep on the radio tuned, till the end with the same warmth and affection as at the beginning. 4. You have been gifted with the art of emotional rendition that makes the listeners even wait and watch if there is an interval. 5. Also you have the ability to guide and suggest to the audience on the show.

Ramamurthy. N.L. With me wife Sudha. An ardent listener of All India Radio and FM Rainbow 101.3MHtz.

“Trees laden with fruits always bend low, similarly a person full of wisdom will always be humble and bend low.” This is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Ms. Antonia Pushparaj. It's my privilege that I got an opportunity to interact with her. My first meeting with Ms. Antonia was when she visited my organization – KIMS Health, as Principal assessor for the NABH Nursing Excellence certification. It was an ever-memorable experience for myself and my team. She is the epitome of the nursing profession. During our NABH assessment, we experienced an assertive assessor on one hand and a very good guide on the other hand. She advised us on many process improvements which can be brought in by the upper hand of nurses in any organization. Since then, she used to be an advisor for my team in planning training programs, conferences, seminars, and also in nursing researches and studies. She is being among our resource persons for many of our activities. Ms. Antonia is very communicative and her eloquence in nursing and non-nursing subjects attracts listeners. She is an icon of women's empowerment both in the profession as well as in person.

Accamma Abraham General Manager- Nursing Services Kerala Institute Of Medical Sciences

I first encountered Ms. Antonia Pushparaj on 20th May 2018 when I had the privilege of hosting her as a Principal Assessor for the ongoing NABH accreditation program of my hospital. Her saga of professional accomplishments was truly inspiring and kept me in awe for the time she spent in Amritsar, Punjab. I had the privilege to watch her work from close quarters. Her proficiency with the task on hand was exemplary and her passion & commitment to do justice to her role as a NABH assessor was commendable. Apart from her professionalism, her core human values of service and compassion for the suffering and underprivileged section of society and her complete faith in the Supreme Creator were outstanding and palpable. She, I felt, was committed and ready for achieving even higher laurels. It gives me great pleasure in knowing that Ms. Antonia is setting out on her own with a social and just cause. It is a matter of pride having known her and her effusive personality will be firmly etched in my mind and soul forever. I wish her all the best in her life. May God be with her through her journey in pursuit of excellence.

Dr. Jitender Singh Pannu – M.D Chief Consultant & Medical Director Dr. PSP Memorial Janta Hospital Airport Road, Amritsar – Punjab (INDIA)