Therapeutic Communication For Nurses

Communication is so greatly rooted in human behaviors and the contexts of society that it is difficult to imagine social or behavioral transactions without it. Interpersonal skills are by nature relational and process-driven and the consequences of effective communication are rapport and trust, acceptance, warmth, empathy, support, and stress and anxiety reduction. It is very important for nurses to practice a wide range of effective communication strategies and interpersonal skills to appropriately establish a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship. Today, ineffective communication is the single most common reason for patient complaints against healthcare professionals. This training focuses on an interactive process to motivate, influence, educate, facilitate mutual support, and acquire essential information necessary for survival, growth, and an overall sense of well-being.

At the end of this course, nurses must be able to understand and practice the technique of therapeutic communication effectively to help them understand the physical and emotional needs of their patients to foster their recovery process. The participants will be able to understand the basics of therapeutic communication, Barriers for effective communication, Touch and Silence as modes of communicating, breaking bad news and Psychology involved, body language, and Human emotions. 


This Program is For

  • Clinical Nurses
  • Nurse Educators/Clinical Instructors
  • Specialist Nurses in Healthcare Quality, Hospital Infection Control
  • Ward In charges
  • Nursing Team Leaders
  • Supervisory Nurses
  • Nursing Administrators

Duration of the Course

  • Three Days Program / 12 hours

Method of Delivery

  • On-site / Virtual

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