Nursing Preparedness for Accreditation: Complete Integrated Solutions

Nursing Systems in any healthcare settings is the largest, with highest touchpoints with other systems. Hence, Nursing Department leads any Accreditation, be it International or National! They function with commitment during Assessments to raise the Organization to the next level. A well trained, empowered, guided, mentored and motivated Nursing Team is the Core of Success of your Accreditation Journey. These strategies have greatest impact, they are embedded in a culture of strong frontline leadership, positive engagement and staff support. The introduction of accreditation has in many areas served truly to empower frontline nurses and midwives – to develop and improve practice, to influence policy and to shape professional strategy – placing them at the centre of decision-making processes and enabling managers to take on facilitative leadership roles.

This training module is tailormade according to your organizational requirements of Accreditation. Nurses may enroll in Online Training programs. This course is delivered to your nurses by Well Qualified Quality Professionals from Leadership, Quality, and Management domains addressing Various aspects of the accreditation process, Benchmarking, Quality Indicators, Healthcare Safety, Medical Records Management, Medication Management, Care aspects and Quality, Human resource management and Patient Rights and Responsibilities.

This Program is For

  • Clinical Nurses
  • Nurse Educators/Clinical Instructors
  • Specialist Nurses in Healthcare Quality, Hospital Infection Control
  • Ward In charges
  • Nursing Team Leaders
  • Supervisory Nurses
  • Nursing Administrators

Duration of the Course

  • 6 Days Program/ 40 hours

Method of Delivery

  • On-site / Virtual

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