Nurses’/Healthcare Providers’ Wellbeing Workshop: Beyond Burnout Management

The sources of stress and dissatisfaction among the health care workforce are myriad and interrelated. These sources include financial pressures that affect staffing and workload, and the pressure to provide quality patient care despite the increased workload. Having control over one’s time may improve the health professional’s stress level but nurses and other healthcare professionals, in particular, are under intense pressure to spend less time with patients and more time performing administrative duties despite the toll it is taking on them. Investing in the Wellbeing of Nurses is a SMART strategy to galvanize Qualitative and Quantitative outcomes. We use proven industrial research methods to conduct this course consisting of nurses’ comprehensive happiness levels: health concerns, friendly relationships, self-worth, altruism, vitality, positive emotions, personality development, life satisfaction, and negative emotions.

This Program is For

  • Clinical Nurses
  • Clinical Instructors/Nurse Educators
  • Specialist Nurses in Healthcare Quality, Hospital Infection Control
  • Ward In charges
  • Nursing Team Leaders
  • Supervisory Nurses 
  • Nursing Administrators
  • Other Healthcare Professionals

Duration of the Course

  • Four Days Program / 16 hours

Method of Delivery

  • On-site / Virtual

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