Legal Aspects of Nursing : Seminar

Nurses, along with other healthcare professionals, practice in an environment that is rapidly evolving due to technology, advances in medical science, and pressure to contain costs. Due to the changing healthcare landscape, nurses have to make decisions where the legal implications of their judgments are uncertain and experts differ in their opinions as to what constitutes an ethical decision in a particular situation.

The most common currently emerging legal and ethical challenges facing the nursing profession include:

  1. The appropriate use of social media in relationship to their workplace’
  2. Balancing the need to provide care for patients with pressure to be more efficient in the use of time and resources
  3. Dealing with conflict in the workplace
  4. Coping with staffing shortages etc.

Just like other healthcare professionals, nurses need to practice according to a complex web of Central and State statutes/Laws – while they make decisions in an ethically responsible manner. Due to rapid advances in medical practices and technologies, nurses and other healthcare professionals often face the challenge of making decisions where lawmakers and the court have not established laws for new procedures and practices. As a result, nurses need to exercise caution in their decision-making to reduce their risk of legal liability. Additionally, nurses also need to consider the ethical implications of their decisions to ensure their actions are in the interest of their patients and do not cause harm. At first glance, it might seem that making these decisions should be straightforward, but many situations are not clear-cut and there are times when what seems legal is not ethical or vice versa. In this Seminar, we equip nurses to function on safe Legal and Ethical Framework while practicing their profession. The seminar sessions are delivered by Industry experts from Healthcare, Nursing, Legal and Ethical Systems.

This Program is For

  • Clinical Nurses,
  • Specialist Nurses in Healthcare Quality, Hospital Infection Control,
  • Nurse Educators/Clinical Instructors
  • Ward In charges,
  • Nursing Team Leaders,
  • Supervisory Nurses and
  • Nursing Administrators;
  • Hospital Administrators, and
  • Hospital Departmental Heads

Duration of the Program

  • 2 Days / 8 hours

Method of Delivery

  • On-site / Virtual

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