Safety First: Integrated Safety Training Program for Healthcare Professional

Safety First-These is a set of Mandatory and Statutory training as per WHO, OSHA, ISO, and Accreditation Agencies’ Standards. A committed healthcare provider strives sincerely to ensure staff is qualified, experienced, and competent. For Eg. knowledge of fire safety can potentially save lives in the event of an emergency. With infection control awareness, it is possible to prevent a potential legal case.  The Accreditation Auditors’ team makes inspections to check levels of training, and ensure all staff that is working are considered to be experienced, knowledgeable, responsible, qualified, competent, and skilled. They may be required to demonstrate these skills during an inspection, for example, showing that they can administer a vaccine, Handle a hazardous material/blood/mercury spill, take a blood sample with PPE usage, explain the fire safety and evacuation procedures, and demonstrate safe moving and handling of patients, etc. Hence, the core of these training modules intends to equip your Healthcare Professionals and Nurses in Safety Policies of Organizations and Departments,  MSDS and Handling, Fire Safety (awareness), Infection control, Different Codes, Care of Vulnerable patients, etc.

This Program is For

  • Nurses (All Categories)
  • Nurse Educators/Clinical Instructors
  • Health Care Assistants
  • Care Support Workers

Duration of the Course

  • 6 Days Program / 40 hours

Method of Delivery

  • On-site / Virtual

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