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UNIQUE FEATURES OF Our Training Methods

Our Training Programs are Time Tested Methods, which are tailormade for your institutional requirements.

Every training program in the Healthcare Wellbeing Vertical of PIWA consists of the following:

E - Module

Self-paced e-learning

Weekly interactions to coach and guide with Industry Experts

Activities, assignments, and assessments

Reference material, Online evaluation


We Follow structured Guidelines and deadlines

When and where you learn is up to you, but weekly assessment deadlines will ensure that you review materials, understand a topic, and develop consistent study habits. Our academic coaches are available to help keep you on track toward graduation, too.

We encourage you to Participate in weekly discussions

You’ll never feel like you’re learning alone. Each week, you’ll chat with other students in your courses through message-board discussions. Ask questions, seek clarification, gain different perspectives, and broaden your own views. Faculty will be available to help guide the discussions.

We empower you to Apply what you learn to the real world

Every assignment has a purpose. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge that many employers look for. Example Problem Solving, The innovative methods you used to lead change in your Organization/Department

We understand you as Trainers, because we walked your path.

Our training programs are delivered by the Healthcare Industry experts from the Domains of Nursing Leadership, Quality, Wellbeing, Mental Health, Industrial Psychology, Legal systems, Coaching, Mentoring, and Training specifically for Hospitals.

We are Flexible, Learn on your schedule

Full-time student or part-time student? You have the flexibility to choose depending on your schedule and budget.

1. Organization / Healthcare Organization / Individual Vertical

  • Nurse Leadership Program (5 Levels designed for various Competency Matrices in Nursing)
  • Introduction to Nurse Leadership: LeadHer for Care
  • Clinical Nurse Leadership Programme: I Lead Care
  • Developing Leadership for Change Management: Evolve – for Change
  • System Leadership Programme for Nurses: Systematrix-being a Part of the Whole
  • Life skills and WellBeing Mastery for Nursing Professional: Arise’ with Agility and Resilience

2. Healthy Communication in Healing Sector:HEAL-THY THERAPEUTIC CONNECTIONS

The participants will learn powerful tools and sharpen their communication skills which are ethically and legally acceptable in the Professionally led Caring environment. This module meets the entire range of Training requirements as per the Accreditation Standards of JCI, NABH, and various other Accrediting Agencies. Our team of communication experts customizes each Communication Workshop to meet your specific needs and objectives as per your scope of services and clientele. This module uses design thinking, organizational vision, Voice of the customers, and Communication dynamics within the team and Institution.

3. Outsourcing your Employee / Nurses’ Training Needs

Prabuddhaa also undertakes the Induction, Training, Developing, And Capacity Building requirements; Nurse Leadership Program for Healthcare Organizations to facilitate Cost-Optimization during post-COVID-19 times towards training and developing employees. We offer this service through On-site and Virtual Platforms.

4. I Lead Quality

Training sessions for NABH and JCI training requirements: Prabuddhaa has commendable experience and expertise in preparing your Healthcare organization for the COMPLETE RANGE of Training requirements as per accreditation agencies’ requirements. It believes in building employees’ capacity with a positive, sustainable change in knowledge, skills, and attitude to apply effectively in-patient care areas to foster positive Clinical outcomes. Prabuddhaa strongly believes in Integrity in Quality Training Module. These training sessions are not just mere ‘Requirements-On-Record for Accreditation’ rather, the methodology is such that, it shall have a quest for a quality drive, even when no one is watching.

5. Safety First Training for Healthcare Professionals and other sections of workers

Patient safety is now recognized in many countries, with global awareness fostered by the World Health Organization’s World Alliance for Patient Safety. And yet there continue to be significant challenges to implementing patient safety policies and practices. One fundamental requirement for adopting any new approach is a clear articulation of its premises and manifestations. We deliver this module requirement with a complete range of training solutions based on Design Thinking, NLP Techniques, And System Approach.

6. Heal-Thy Being

A complete guide to Wellbeing with scientifically proven methods specifically picked up from the profound practices of Our rich Indian Heritage like Mindfulness, Guided Meditation, Imagery, Affirmations, Practice Of Gratitude, Journal Writing, Ikigai, NLP Practices, Logotherapy, Nutrition, Rest, Sleep, Humor, etc. to mention few. These approaches are designed according to the capabilities of particular categories of employees/organizations.

HealThy Being-Basic

One Day Workshop

HealThy Being-Advanced

Two Day Workshop

Courses offered

Nurse Leadership Program

Therapeutic Communication for Nurses

Nurses’/Healthcare Providers’ Wellbeing Workshop: Beyond Burnout Management

Nursing Excellence: Training for Quality Consciousness

Safety First: Integrated Safety Training Program for Healthcare Professional

Patient Safety: A Promise to Safe Care

Nursing Preparedness for Accreditation: Complete Integrated Solutions.

Legal aspects of nursing: Seminar


Induction/Inservice/Staff Development Program: (Nurse Educators’ Training)

Clinical Assistants’ Training Program (Tailormade training for Organization need):